Top 3 Places to See In Bangor

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Stephen King’s House

The king of horror and suspense, Stephen King, still lives in Bangor. His house looks like something right out of one of his novels, complete with bats adorning the wrought iron gate. Located at the intersection of Cedar Street and West Broadway the house is a must see when visiting Bangor.

Paul Bunyan Statue

Was he or wasn’t he? Legend has it that the most famous lumberjack in the world, Paul Bunyan, hailed from the great city of Bangor Maine. The 31 foot high, 3,700 pound statue was erected in 1959 on the city’s 125th anniversary.

Maine Discovery Museum

For families with kids the Maine Discovery Museum is a must see place when in Bangor. Whether you’re in the mood for a day trip, need somewhere for a great birthday party, or want to experience a true night at the museum the Maine Discovery Museum has you covered. And yes you read that right, you can spend the night at the museum!

Top 3 Things to Do In Bangor

Bangor Symphony Orchestra

After 106 seasons the Bangor Symphony Orchestra is the oldest community orchestra in the country. Whether you’re a regular connoisseur of classical music, or only the occasional patron of the arts the Bangor Symphony Orchestra is a must hear.

Maine Shakespeare Festival

To go, or not to go, that is the question. The answer, of course, is to go. The Maine Shakespeare Festival runs between July and August and provides visitors the opportunity to see some great productions of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

National Folk Festival

As the website likes to boast; “Please consider visiting Bangor Mental Health Institute if you decide to pass on this festival.” The national folk festival is the must do event in Bangor’s yearly calendar. Some of the best folk musicians in the country regularly play at the national folk festival.