Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

There are so many cultural museums in Cedar Rapids that it could be called a place with a level playing field for all cultures. It's worth a trip, and can broaden your view before the good times are over.

Things to See

African American Cultural Museum

Stand-out exhibits, memory evoking artifacts and more await at this musuem. Take a stroll down the lane of overdue credit here and find out about some historial figures that may have not been in the history books. Learn more about music, fashion, art, slavery, reconstruction, school houses, churchs, sports, the Civil Rights era and more. There is also the Czech and Slovak Museum and Library.


Take a self-guided tour and explore an estate that could be a park. The mansion is designed in a style similar to Queen Anne and is bustling with music, cultural and educational activities. The holidays there are over-the-top.

Village Life

Ushers Ferry Historic Village will take you away to the past where you will see a historical view of village life where things are slowed down by a few notches. Life from 1890-1910 was so simple and plain. When you visit you get a slice of what life was like. The ferry is open for viewing from June-August.

Things to Do

Cobble Hill Restaurant

You will get hungry while vacationing in Cedar Rapids. Cobble Hill at 219 2nd Street is an excellent place to pull up a chair and feast on American style fare. Reservations are recommended.

Go Bohemian

Check out the Culinary & Merchandise Market, where you can head to NewBo City Market, and have a Bohemian shopping excursion and social opportunity. This new Bohemian neighborhood is a major attraction.

Ice Skating and Hockey

4,000 feet of ice skating of all skill levels and a chance to watch the Cedar Rapid RoughRiders play on the arena. Head to 1100 Rockford Road, SW.


You can get your fill in Cedar Rapids, where the fun starts as soon as you are ready for it. Meet with all kinds of great options in the city and don't forget you are on vacation and have to go home when it's over.