Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Grand Rapids is replete with art and cultural experiences. Nightlife and dining are some enticing options, but there are also museums and theatres. Go to Grand Rapid and be met with a trademark welcoming experience. Walking downtown is very doable, but the sidewalks are packed tight with others considering the same options for Grand Rapids fun. So many options are available for the tourist  here, that choosing will become one more delicious treat. If you're mobile enabled, use GR CityTwist to help you plan how to maximize the Grand Rapid experience. This is a do-it-yourself tour guide aid with  secret tips to help you narrow down your choices for top-tier driving tours and walking tours that have delighted others. Don't overlook the fact that this is high on the list of the top-10 list of fun and recreational cities to visit in the U.S.

Things to see


If you go during the right time of year, you can see or participate in ArtPrize, a competition for the arts and arts-minded. Many venues will feature art entries for you to view – this includes park sites, bars, coffee shops and eating establishments.

Summer Concerts

Amphitheater performances are scheduled throughout the year, but there are specific times in the summer months when the likes of Katy Perry, Keith Sweat, Fat Joe and others make their circuit. Multiple genres are featured, so there's something for every music fan.

If you can't visit during the summer, there's also the Rock the Rapids, w3here you can check out the options for music entertainment year-round.

Meijer State Games of Michigan

Winter or summer, you can travel to Grand Rapids and see athletes from all sports categories as they pit their skills on the courts, fields, pools, rivers and trails of the city. Olympic-style, it includes opening ceremonies, awards presentations, sports line-ups, etc.

Things to do

Rosa Parks Circle

Rosa Parks Circle offers an infinite assortment, including skating, dancing, beer drinking or looking for ArtPrize art. If art is really your interest, museums and galleries are plentiful. 


Go ahead, laugh your head off. It ends up that an option for the month of March is this city's Laughfest, featuring the likes of laughmasters such as Sinbad, Lily Tomlin, Jay Leno and others. This 10-day fete occurs from March 5-15, and includes comedy shows, films, live shows, improv and the community showcase where you can get involved if you dare. All proceeds from this event will support Gilda's Club, which offers grief support, and cancer treatment reinforcement.

Brewpubs Beer Tour

If you like to toss down a brew from time to time, check out the brew options. After all, this city was named “Beer City USA” because of its highly acclaimed breweries. Hopcat, the world's number one brewery, and Founders at 3rd place; are both found in Grand Rapids. All told, there are 30 craft breweries in this city. So you don't want to miss out on the Craft Beer Tour (self-guided).


This cosmopolitan city is over the top with options for visitors. Choices are so plentiful, that it's a good idea to rest up before and after vacations, so you can get the optimum enjoyment while there. Farm-to-table dining is available at some eateries. And yes, beer lovers will find plenty of guzzling sites, if that's their fancy.