Wichita has a vibrant nightlife, multicultural events, outdoors adventures, arts and varied entertainment, and more. Located in the Great Plains region, it has so many unique features. On its fringes are attractions like the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. The location of Wichita is prime real estate. There are places to see and things to… Read More »


When in and around town in Springfield, you will be amazed at the options available in terms of attractions and things to do during a vacation trip. Opportunities await, and they are going to make for a premium vacation experience that you won’t easily forget. Things to See Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library You’re in the… Read More »

South Bend

In South Bend, Indiana you can get a shot in the arm of hope. But there are various offerings in this city. Home to the Silver Hawks, South Bend was first settled by for traders. There’s time to dance, ways to escape and many historical romps through history in South Bend. This city is celebrating… Read More »


There’s gaming excitement and more in Shreveport. A twin to Bossier City, this city is on the border between Texas and Louisiana. There’s something to suit just about every style in Shreveport. With a Louisiana address, Shreveport offers food fare that puts the city over the top as a destination for the hungry tourist. In… Read More »


Rockford is Illinois’ third largest city. Located at the top of the state, this locale is also a top tourist attraction. With the fact that it’s immersed in nature and culture-rich, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s interest in Rockford. Get away from it all in Rockford. Things to See Ferrel Clydesdale Farms Hear the clop… Read More »

Peoria, Illinois

Get in on the adventure, experiences and attraction offered in Peoria. So much of the enjoyment that citizens take for granted every day can be yours for a vacation season. Saturate yourself in the natural, historical and modern opportunities in Peoria as you explore what this city offers. Things to See Horse & Buggy Museum… Read More »


Over-the top experiences await you in Owensboro. There are places to explore and plenty to do in this Bluegrass Kentucky city. With a Central Midwest location, it’s in the seat of festivals, exploratory opportunities, outdoor fun, indoor delights, cultural excursions for the heart and soul, and more. Things to see Chalk Festival If you venture… Read More »

Molina/Quad Cities

Life can be so sweet if you find yourself in the right place. Molina/Quad Cities is one of those places where one can land in sweet situations. Attractions and plenty of activity awaits in Molina/Quad Cities. Things to See Putnam Museum Your mouth says WOW! And your eyes say “Goodness.” Your hands won’t say anything,… Read More »


Michigan is nicknamed the Great Lakes State, but it offers so much more than its waterways. Michigan is one of those states which promotes tourism there with an enviable aggressiveness. Due to this fact, and the diverse offerings, it holds its own as a tourist state, with many adventures, sightings and more. Top Places to… Read More »


Oh the beaches, oh the wonder. It’s Miami. A great place for splashing, sightseeing, enjoying the night scene and more. The shores, the history. It can be said that there is no place like Miami, a place that Native Americans called home. Fair weather and more make this city a mecca for tourist year round.… Read More »