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Top 3 Places to See In Bangor

Stephen King’s House The king of horror and suspense, Stephen King, still lives in Bangor. His house looks like something right out of one of his novels, complete with bats adorning the wrought iron gate. Located at the intersection of Cedar Street and West Broadway the house is a must see when visiting Bangor. Paul… Read More »


Whether looking for leisure or vibrant activity, Michigan’s capital city is a top tourist site. Beautiful and rich in culture, Lansing has attractions abounding in some over-the-top cultural, historical and nature-rich experiences. Things to See All Around The African World Museum and Resource Center Through displays, pictures, artifacts, printed matter and more; one grasps a… Read More »

Cedar Rapids

There are so many cultural museums in Cedar Rapids that it could be called a place with a level playing field for all cultures. It’s worth a trip, and can broaden your view before the good times are over. Things to See African American Cultural Museum Stand-out exhibits, memory evoking artifacts and more await at… Read More »

South Bend

In South Bend, Indiana you can get a shot in the arm of hope. But there are various offerings in this city. Home to the Silver Hawks, South Bend was first settled by for traders. There’s time to dance, ways to escape and many historical romps through history in South Bend. This city is celebrating… Read More »

Molina/Quad Cities

Life can be so sweet if you find yourself in the right place. Molina/Quad Cities is one of those places where one can land in sweet situations. Attractions and plenty of activity awaits in Molina/Quad Cities. Things to See Putnam Museum Your mouth says WOW! And your eyes say “Goodness.” Your hands won’t say anything,… Read More »


Oh the beaches, oh the wonder. It’s Miami. A great place for splashing, sightseeing, enjoying the night scene and more. The shores, the history. It can be said that there is no place like Miami, a place that Native Americans called home. Fair weather and more make this city a mecca for tourist year round.… Read More »

The Delight of Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware is full of surprises. If you don’t try to find out what it offers, you could miss a blessing. It ends up that this city is a well-hidden secret, tucked away quietly and still featuring the Dutch, the British, the Quakers and others who left their mark. Make no mistake about it, there’s… Read More »


It’s small wonder that actor Patrick Dempsey has gone on record as someone who loves Maine. As the saying goes, “Keep the Maine thing the Maine thing.” The New England state on the Atlantic Ocean is within a stone’s throw of Canada; making it a coastline state and one where its easy to enter into… Read More »


Places to see Discovery Center Idaho Camps and classes, the Science Cafe, Teen Club, Adult Night, programs, exhibitions and special events keep this center busy with visitors with different purposes for being there. Educators find its offerings compelling for field trips, curriculum tools for the class, as it’s a STEM rich place to include in… Read More »