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Businesses have made this city their home offices, and many people call it home. It’s Bloomington-Normal, and many say the quality of life there is family-friendly, so it should also be a great place to take a family for a vacation. For abundant enjoyment, there are few places more ideal than Bloomington-Normal. St. Louis, Chicago… Read More »


There’s gaming excitement and more in Shreveport. A twin to Bossier City, this city is on the border between Texas and Louisiana. There’s something to suit just about every style in Shreveport. With a Louisiana address, Shreveport offers food fare that puts the city over the top as a destination for the hungry tourist. In… Read More »


Michigan is nicknamed the Great Lakes State, but it offers so much more than its waterways. Michigan is one of those states which promotes tourism there with an enviable aggressiveness. Due to this fact, and the diverse offerings, it holds its own as a tourist state, with many adventures, sightings and more. Top Places to… Read More »