By | August 26, 2018

lansingWhether looking for leisure or vibrant activity, Michigan’s capital city is a top tourist site. Beautiful and rich in culture, Lansing has attractions abounding in some over-the-top cultural, historical and nature-rich experiences.

Things to See

All Around The African World Museum and Resource Center

Through displays, pictures, artifacts, printed matter and more; one grasps a high level of understanding about the footprints of Africa upon many other continents; such as the Americas, Asia and Europe. Be sure to ask about guided tours so that you can get maximum details.

Cooley’s Gardens

Verdant green land shot through with floral color has been revived in this 100 year old gem of a garden. People opt to have their wedding sites in this detail rich environment. A pavilion, picnic tables, park benches and other features make this a picture-worthy venue and a place to exercise.

East Lansing Hannah Community Center

A recital room, dance studio, meeting room and banquet hall makes this performing arts theater a go-to place for maximum fun and enjoyment. Recreational opportunities include an indoor pool, a gymnasium, and a fitness center.

Things to Do

Greater Lansing Visitor Center

Information Experts can give you a whole plethora of info about where to go for what in the city. Souvenirs and postcards featuring Lansing abound in this center. Once your trip is over, you can share your experiences through photos and stories on their blog; so that others know about your excellent encounters with the Lansing experience.

Absolute Gallery

Something for everyone, art for every taste. Original art pieces, giclees, and changing exhibits and other features of this gallery has earned it the People’s Choice Award for Art Gallery and Custom Frame Shop. Purchase art with all types of art pieces with frames of varied décor.

The Grand Fish

Have a good time in all kinds of ways at this multi-purpose venue where much of nature is on display. Kayaking, canoeing and restaurants are available for a variety of opportunities. Want an expedition? It’s here. Looking to learn or play bocce ball? Get at it here. Have a fireside cozy space of moments with a partner or have a campfire with family and friends.


Can anyone say College Town? MSU is located in East Lansing, close to many sought-after attractions. There’s so much under this roof that you don’t have to leave the campus. Breweries, wineries and distilleries, shopping venues, nightlife and all kinds of offerings spill over in Lansing.