Molina/Quad Cities

Life can be so sweet if you find yourself in the right place. Molina/Quad Cities is one of those places where one can land in sweet situations. Attractions and plenty of activity awaits in Molina/Quad Cities. Things to See Putnam Museum Your mouth says WOW! And your eyes say “Goodness.” Your hands won’t say anything,… Read More »

Five reasons to visit The Turning Leaf Inn

Spend some days in nature and explore the mountain regions. Here are five reasons to visit The Turning Leaf Inn, an idyllic resort in Oklahoma. Hiking and biking trips The Turning Leaf Inn offers biking and hiking options regardless of the season. If you are in the mood to explore, all you have to do… Read More »

Five reasons to visit The Resort at Grand Lake

Allow yourself to take some days off and enjoy Oklahoma. If you need a place to stay, here are the five reasons to visit The Resort at Grand Lake. A Lakefront Restaurant The hotel’s restaurant is open for breakfast, but also lunch or dinner. Here you will get to taste the best homemade burgers, salad,… Read More »

Reasons to go to Gore Mountain – New York

Vacation planning doesn’t need to be a chore. If you’re still searching for a place to go, here are five reasons to go to Gore Mountain in New York. You will surely love the natural setting and amazing scenery of this place. Snow Sports School Now you have the chance to learn to ski just… Read More »

Reasons to go to Pajarito Mountain Ski Area – New Mexico

The top 5 things to do in Pajarito Mountain Ski Area (New Mexico) surely include skiing and other snow related activities. However there are other fun stuff to do in the area, even if it’s not winter. Attend a summer festival Usually the summer festival involves a lot of good live music on the mountain.… Read More »

Top 10 places to visit in Lincoln – Nebraska

Lincoln is a fun city to visit for vacation, and its many attractions draw in many tourists throughout the year. If you want to learn more about this city, here are the top 10 places to visit in Lincoln and why.   Historic Haymarket District This district is a great place to visit whether you… Read More »

Five reasons to visit The Victorian Lady

For those of us who like history and would like to live in some era of the past, The Victorian Lady could be just what they are looking for. The others will probably need to read these Five reasons to visit The Victorian Lady before deciding to book a room, so stay tuned! Adults only… Read More »


Oh the beaches, oh the wonder. It’s Miami. A great place for splashing, sightseeing, enjoying the night scene and more. The shores, the history. It can be said that there is no place like Miami, a place that Native Americans called home. Fair weather and more make this city a mecca for tourist year round.… Read More »

The Delight of Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware is full of surprises. If you don’t try to find out what it offers, you could miss a blessing. It ends up that this city is a well-hidden secret, tucked away quietly and still featuring the Dutch, the British, the Quakers and others who left their mark. Make no mistake about it, there’s… Read More »