Top 10 places to visit in Lincoln – Nebraska

By | June 11, 2018

lincoln_nebraska-panoramic-1Lincoln is a fun city to visit for vacation, and its many attractions draw in many tourists throughout the year. If you want to learn more about this city, here are the top 10 places to visit in Lincoln and why.


Historic Haymarket District

This district is a great place to visit whether you are in the mood for shopping or eating out. The city’s main entertainment area, Haymarket is packed with stores and cafes where you can kill some time. The area is also great for people watching and making new friends in the city.


Nebraska State Capitol

The Capitol building is not like any other in the country, as you will soon learn when you visit it. The State Capitol is an office building with over 400 offices being open inside.


University of Nebraska State Museum

This must see attraction includes fossilized elephants as well as many other temporary exhibits. Dubbed The Elephant Hall, the museum includes a planetarium but also a gift shop.


Sunken Gardens

If you enjoy natural surroundings, visit the Sunken Gardens for an afternoon. The Gardens have been renovated 12 years ago, and their history goes back to the 30s era. Take the time to explore all of its corners, and visit the the Annual Garden in order to see the 30000 species of plants.


Museum of American Speed

Maybe you are a fan of car races, so a trip to this museum will be worth your time. The museum is encompassed within 135,000 square feet, and features 3 main exhibitions for any die hard sports fan.


Pioneers Park Nature Center

The Nature Center gives you the chance to spend some fun hours surrounded by the bison and elk. If you are looking for outdoor activities, you should know that the park provides 8 miles of hiking trails.


Sheldon Museum of Art

The eclectic museum hosts over 12000 art pieces coming from Asia and Europe. Along with seeing paintings, you can also watch sculptures designed by some of the world’s top artists.


Lincoln Children’s Museum

Children related activities are a good idea if your family is with you, and Lincoln Children’s Museum offers everything a kid could want. The colorful and engaging hands on exhibits will keep your little ones busy for hours at a time. The museum is easy to reach from downtown, so you will not waste much time along the way.


International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Maybe quilting is one of your main hobbies, and this cool museum offers more than 3,500 objects coming from everywhere in the world. Traveling exhibits are taking place here often, and the programs provided by the museum do not disappoint.


Governor’s Residence

The mansion was first opened to the public in 1958, but has undergone several restorations since then. Nowadays, visitors can take a guided tour through its chambers and amenities, or simply take pictures of the exterior. If you decide to visit, you should know the tours are only taking place once a week.