Top 10 places to visit in Orlando – Florida

By | May 11, 2018

destinations_header_orlandoMaybe you are looking to go on an exotic vacation, and Florida is one of the possible destinations. Check out the top 10 places to visit in Orlando and why.


American Art Museum

Although Orlando is exotic, you should not miss out on the chance to see some art. The American Art Museum offers on display the largest collection of Tiffany glass in the world, and the luxurious jewelry and lamps will take your breath away.


Walt Disney World

If you visit Orlando, make sure to check out the famous Walt Disney World. This huge amusement park is the perfect destination for kids and adults alike, and the little ones will enjoy seeing their favorite characters come to life. The huge park includes 4 different themes that suit anyone’s taste.



Did you always want to swim with the dolphins but never had the chance to? Visit SeaWorld for a unique experience with these friendly animals. SeaWorld is one of the main attractions in Orlando, and visited by millions of tourists each year.


Universal Studios

If you are a fan of movies, you may want to discover how they are created and produced. You can get the chance to go backstage and maybe eve meet some movie stars with a tour. Universal Studios is opened for guided tours everyday.



This amusement park is unlike any other. If you plan for a fun but unique attraction, go to Legoland for a few hours. The amusement park is encompassed within 150 acres and features numerous family friendly attractions for everyone.



Maybe you are a fan of reptiles and crocodiles, and in that case Gatorland is the perfect destination for you. This themed park has been open since the 40’s, and is nowadays open for tours and visits. Along with watching the animals, you can take some cool pictures for your friends at home.


Kayak Tours

If you’re feeling adventurous, a Kayak tour could satisfy your need for thrills. The tours are available everyday and last for about 2 hours each. During your tour you will probably spot eagles, crocodiles and other species of sea life.


Typhoon Lagoon

Family friendly attractions are very popular in Orlando, and Typhoon Lagoon is one of them. The water park offers slides, but also areas designed specifically for children. Have some fun in the water and stop by the restaurants when you get hungry.


Islands of Adventure

If you visit the Universal Studios, take the time to check out the Islands of Adventure. This cool island is split in 5 main themes, so you will not have a moment to get bored. Each of the small islands offers something different and exciting activities to engage in.


Wet ‘N Wild

Wet’N Wild is another of Orlando’s themed waterparks. The water park is one of the oldest in the city, and its pools and water slides are ideal for a family trip. The park also features many cafes and restaurants where you can get refreshments after a full day.