Top 10 places to visit in Rialto – California

By | April 1, 2018

Rialto-CaliforniaThis old Californian city is a place you may want to learn more about and explore. If this rings true, take the time to read more about the best places to visit while you’re here.


Ferguson Park

The park features well maintained pathways and alleys where you can walk your dog or take a walk by yourself. In addition to this, the park includes a stadium and a playground where your little ones can play. If you love winter and its sports, you might be happy to know that the park features a skate rink.


Lincoln Memorial Shrine

If you are interested in historical attractions, take the time to visit this monument. Lincoln Memorial Shrine was built in the honor of the former US president, and is these days one of the main attractions in Rialto.


Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

Maybe you want to spend a few hours with your friends, and if so check out this brewery. The brewery has a rich history behind it, and makes the perfect spot to savor a good glass of beer. The beer is always freshly brewed, and the staff is friendly and welcoming to any visitor.


Frisbee Park

Just as the name suggests, Frisbee Park is the right place to enjoy a game of Frisbee. Furthermore, the natural surroundings will surely draw you in and make you want to come back again next time.


Stewarts’ Vineyard

If you’re a fan of wine and its different varieties, this vineyard is the perfect spot to go. You can get a taste of some of the town’s best wines, enjoy a tour or have a romantic date with your beloved.


Rialto Park

Rialto Park is the spot for baseball games, so if you enjoy this sport this location is one you should check out. The baseball games are being played all through the year, and you may even get to see your favorite team in action.


Rialto Recreation

If you enjoy swimming pools or just exercising check out Rialto Recreation. The pools here are large and ideal for any skill level or age. There is a separate pool for children, and another one for adults. Classes are available as well.


Rialto Historical Society

If you want to see relics, make sure to check out Rialto Historical Society. The Society is in charge with building preserving in the area, but you will also get to learn more about this cool city.


Raquel’s Jazz Lounge

Fans of jazz should not miss out on the opportunity to visit Raquel’s Jazz Lounge. The Lounge is the place where jazz live performances are happening every night, and you might even get to see your favorite artists playing.


San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum

This cool museum is located about 10 minutes away from the city, but it is definitely worth a trip. Make time to go and you will see the history of railroads with your own eyes. Visitors can also watch various exhibits that showcase vintage style trains from long ago.