Top 10 places to visit in San Angelo – Texas

By | February 17, 2018

San Angelo-TexasVisiting a new place is not easy when you know close to nothing about its attractions. Let’s learn more about San Angelo in Texas and the things it has to offer.

The Bosque Park
This park has special areas for all sorts of summer activities such as Putt-putt golf, bocce ball and even sand volleyball, among others. The park is found on the Concho River and it attracts many visitors every year, so why not checking it out?

The Cactus Hotel
With a name like this we can only hope the beds were comfortable. The hotel’s constructions ended in 1929 and it was the most expensive and lavish. The 14 stories tall building now serves as a cultural center, but it also hosts some really nice shops.

D’Vine Wine Winery
There must be something special about being the area’s first and only winery. Since tours are available daily and you can even do some wine tasting, it would be a shame to miss this chance. All the 18 different wines are produced here and they cater to a wide palate.

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark
This is the town’s main tourist attraction as the fort is the main reason San Angelo even exists: it developed around the fort. The landmark now hosts a museum, a visitors center, and a parade field. There are 22 buildings offering a view into the mid-1880s frontier life.

Public art
The art places in San Angelo’s public places is really interesting and make good photo backdrops. For instance the Abstract Sculpture at the 500 Blk of West Beauregard and the Mare at 424 South Oakes stand out from the rest.

Angelo State University Planetarium
There are many reasons to want to visit this planetarium. The first of them is that this is the nation’s fourth biggest planetarium. This planetarium has been renovated and uses a Sci-Dome HD projector, thus more than 500 stars can be seen during the shows.

Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum
The name of this museum points to what the place served as for some 50 years. Built in 1896, today the museum keeps all the furnishing and decorations from its former days in the first half of the 20th century.

9/11/01 Memorial Monument
This monument is important because it holds a steel bar from the former World Trade Center twin buildings. The monument is dedicated to everyone who lost their lives during the event. One of the victims was Judy Rowlett of San Angelo.

Sheep Tour
This tour will take you to the various places where unique looking sheep are located. Various organizations and businesses paid artists to paint the sheep in different ways. If you want to know more about the project and the reasons behind it, go on this tour.

The city’s parks
There are several public parkks across San Angelo and all of them have plenty of things to offer to everyone no matter their age. The family friendly movies shown for free to the public are the number one attraction in all the parks.