Top 10 places to visit in San Mateo – California

By | August 8, 2018

San Mateo - CaliforniaIf you need to know which are the top 10 places to visit in San Mateo, read on. This small city is located in the heart of California, and is the right place to visit when you need a vacation. You may just fall in love with its natural setting and beautiful views.


The San Mateo Japanese Garden

If you want to see an authentic Japanese garden as its finest, check out the one in San Mateo. The beautiful gardens will offer you hours of recreation and fun, and kids will also love it here.


Coyote Point Recreation Area

The Recreation Area is a great spot for kids, who can keep entertained by engaging in the various activities. In addition to that, parents can also relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Sawyer Camp Trail

If you want to keep active, make sure to visit Sawyer Camp Trail. This great hiking place also allows you to camp if you want. If you are an active person who also enjoys nature, this is the place for you.


Central Park

The park is perfect for anytime you want to relax, take a walk or simply admire the view. Central Park is also the place where families gather in order to have a picnic and enjoy each other’s company. Central Park includes children attractions like carousels and swings as well.


Hillsdale Shopping Center

When you are in town, maybe you would like to get some shopping done. In that case, head over to the Hillsdale Shopping Center. The Shopping Center includes some of the best stores in the entire area, along with many restaurants you may want to check out.


Seal Point Park

This park offers a great view over the ocean, but this is not the only reason to visit. You will feel rejuvenated by the fresh air, and be able to take some good pics if you bring along your camera. Your friends will be impressed!


Laurelwood Park

The park includes beautiful gazebos, as well as numerous hiking trails you may want to see. The park is the place for sports as well, so head over here for your morning run when in the mood.



If you want to get a glimpse of the entire area at once, visit the Peninsula. This is the most beautiful natural attraction in the city, and you can easily spend hours here enjoying the scenic views.


Horseshoe Lake

The lake is ideal for tourists who have a love of fishing. Here you can spend some hours practicing your favorite sport, and maybe even mingle with the locals. The lake is perfect for daily walks as well, and picnic spots are available.


Junipero Serra Statue

The statue is famous in town, and you can take pictures of it or even a selfie. Although there is not much you can do here, the Junipero Serra Statue remained one of the top attractions in San Mateo. The sculpture is free to visit at any hour of the day, so check it out.