• By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Horses, bourbon, history, heritage and more. This is the heartbeat of America, Bluegrass country. This is Lexington. Some fun is free, but it is all memorable. The richness of this city has attracted sheiks and other dignitaries; but the average tourist will find themselves at home in Lexington.

Things to See

Kentucky Horse Park

The working farm exhibits, beautiful breeds of horses grazing upon the grass, galleries, museums, theatres and more await on 1,200 acres of verdant land. Plan on spending at least four hours there, as that's the length of the tour.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Shakers have a stake in Lexington and they have restored a village in the city where visitors can check out their furnishings, artifacts, crafts, buildings and acres of farmland. Hiking, horseback riding, paddle wheeling on the Dixie Bell and other attractions await. Be sure to pick up something at the gift shop before you leave.

Triangle Park

A wall of fountains with watery cascades, aquatic wonders in front of the courthouse, and a lot of social opportunities await on the corner of Broadway and Main.

Things to Do

Horse Farm Tour

Four footed wonder of many hands – the majesty of horses are on display. The horse farm tours in Horse Country USA (Lexington) will take you to farms that almost resemble parks. The careful breeding of star quality horses happens on the 450 horse farms in the area. Make arrangements through a guide company, because these are true working farms where industry is at work. Thoroughbreds come from many of these farms, top race horses make their debut and many four-legged stars retire and go to that great pasture in the sky there. Be sure to ask for a gander at a Kentucky Derby winner, it's possible you may be yards away from one of these legends.

Bourbon Tour

Bourbon Distilleries are available for tours, where you get to see how this drink is made. Before you leave you might better understand why this drink has been on the lips of many; as a drink, as a muse for poetry, as a source of Kentucky pride. There's even a Wild Turkey bourbon distillery there.

Church Tours

Religion is woven into the very fabric of Bluegrass life. The state is a seat of high religious passion that's not easily matched in any other state.  Lexington can said to be the seat a historical revival movement. Many existing congregations were established there during the settlement days. Liberal arts seminaries and colleges also call Lexington home. Lexington is right on the Southern Bible Belt, with its share of Baptist folk. However, other religions are well-established in the area.


Great land and spacious wonders await in Lexington. This city is known as Horse Capital of the World. Get some elbow room and immerse yourself in the culture, vibe, energy and delight of Lexington.