Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

Reasons to go to Pajarito Mountain Ski Area (New Mexico)

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

The top 5 things to do in Pajarito Mountain Ski Area (New Mexico) surely include skiing and other snow related activities. However there are other fun stuff to do in the area, even if it’s not winter.

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

Attend a summer festival
Usually the summer festival involves a lot of good live music on the mountain. Usually downhill biking contests also take place before the concerts. Another planned festival includes drinking a lot of locally crafted beer. There are other events happening during the festivals that also need looking into.

Learn how to ski
At the Pajarito Mountain Ski Area you can take either ski or snowboarding lessons. The minimum age for ski lessons is 6 and 8 for snowboarding. You can choose private or group classes for your skill level. Some of the options include lift ticket and equipment rental. The lessons are available in winter only. 

Travel back in time
Time travel is yet to be invented and proved as real, but you can see what is left from the first people inhabiting America. They were called Anasazi and settled in an Ancestral Pueblo in Pajarito Plateau, around 1150 AD. Visit the Bandelier National Monument for the best experience.

Try some good wine
Wine lovers will be more than happy to learn that UnQuarked the Wine Room offers wines from 3 vineyards in the area. You can first taste the wine and then buy your favorite. Buy a bottle for yourself and one for someone important to you because wine is always a nice gift.

Visit the Los Alamos National Laboratory
This is probably the first scientific institution in the world. It’s current main mission revolves around national security. The lab itself may not be visited, but there is a museum where you can learn almost everything about the lab. In a way you’ll pay a virtual visit to the lab’s technical areas and more.