Peoria, Illinois

Peoria, Illinois

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Get in on the adventure, experiences and attraction offered in Peoria. So much of the enjoyment that citizens take for granted every day can be yours for a vacation season. Saturate yourself in the natural, historical and modern opportunities in Peoria as you explore what this city offers.

Things to See

Horse & Buggy Museum

Take a gallop back into the past when horses were the main power source. There was a day when farms used horses and they were also a major source of transportation. Machinery from the past is also on display at this museum. Get a sense of the times of the agrarian society.


East Peoria Festival of Lights

Just in time for the Holidays! Get ready for the 29th annual Festival of Lights. Seeing this holiday light show of sparkling lights will get you in the mood for the holidays. A tradition and top attraction, this dazzling display of lights will endure for one month and take up two miles. The main event includes animation, floats and more.

Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway

Nature is on display in the River Valley. Wetlands, birds in massive quantities, gardens and other things offer sights and scenes aplenty. Over a hundred destinations are found along this scenic byway. Treasures of nature and jewels of  the city are featured along this route.

Things to Do

A Hundred Acres Orchard Market

There's lots of yummy treats to try and buy, and a real cider mill. The mill is a banquet site for many events, including weddings and parties. The market offers apples, raspberries, apple cider, pumpkins, kettle korn, condiments, cheese, soups, syrups and more.

Peoria Riverfront Museum

Explore and play at this multi-complex. There are classes and camps to suit many interests. Housed under this 222 SW Washington Street address is an Illinois River Encounter, a giant screen theatre, a variety of delightful collections, a planetarium, Discovery World and more.

Conklin's Barn III Dinner Theatre

Hilarity and fun await at this venue. Vittles are over-the-top delicious and the shows vary throughout the year. Visit or call 309-965-2545.


This is a delightful place to enjoy life at its basic level, or  to get in on the cultural, holiday or every day options available. Peoria offers a slower pace for those who want it, but there are also some amped up things to do that keep you on the edge.