The Resort at Grand Lake

Five reasons to visit The Resort at Grand Lake

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Allow yourself to take some days off and enjoy Oklahoma. If you need a place to stay, here are the five reasons to visit The Resort at Grand Lake.

A Lakefront Restaurant
The hotel's restaurant is open for breakfast, but also lunch or dinner. Here you will get to taste the best homemade burgers, salad, steaks and seafood. The restaurant's casual and friendly setting makes it the perfect choice for a family meal. If you want to see the lake while enjoying your meal, ask to be seated outdoors.

Go fishing on Grand Lake
Grand Lake is the most popular fishing destination in the region. Guests can easily catch bass, catfish and many other species. Numerous visitors go fishing here every year, so join them and maybe you will even return with a trophy. Furthermore, boat rentals are also available.

Visit the casinos
There are many casinos located nearby, so go into town and check out the entertainment options. The 6 casinos offer the latest available games, but also some of the old favorites. The atmosphere is electric, and you may even get lucky enough to win. Live performances are taking place on weekend so make sure to check out the schedule.

Go on a shopping trip
Whenever you are not busy swimming or fishing, go on a shopping trip instead. The Resort at Grand Lake includes gift shops and antique stores that carry a wide variety of souvenirs. Take the time to browse through and pick that perfect gift for your partner or close friends. Some of the best shops here are The Vintage Rooster and Antique Alley.

Play tennis
Fans of tennis will be happy to learn that courses are available only a short walk away. Rotary Centennial Park and Gran Tara Community are 2 of the places that feature tennis courts. These are open at any hour of the day and on weekends.