The Victorian Lady

Five reasons to visit The Victorian Lady

  • By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

For those of us who like history and would like to live in some era of the past, The Victorian Lady could be just what they are looking for. The others will probably need to read these Five reasons to visit The Victorian Lady before deciding to book a room, so stay tuned!

Adults only
Finding a spot dedicated to grown ups must be difficult for those who want to have a peaceful night for some quality time together. This inn doesn’t accommodate neither pets or kids simply because they could ruin the expensive furniture and other decor elements. Additionally, this inn seems perfect for those with smoke allergies as well, because smoking is allowed only outside the inn.

Spend your wedding night here
Clearly, The Victorian Lady inn is perfect for honeymooners or couples who need an intimate place to spend their wedding night before heading to other places booked for their honeymoon.

Visit the aquarium
The Oklahoma Aquarium is opened for tours, events, parties, and it serves as a research facility as well. Visitors can also feed the animals if they manage to still find food. Visitors are usually allowed to feed just the fish and the turtles.

Play some golf
Golf lovers can get a lot of practice at the South Lakes Golf Course. This is a public golf club with an 18 holes course that welcomes everyone of any age and gender. Couples have special nights dedicated to them, and these occasions should be checked out if you’re in town getting bored.

Go shopping
Specialists advise against going shopping while on a vacation, if you’re on a budget. However, if you’re a newlywed couple you probably need to decorate your home. Shopping for unique home decorations can be very more pleasant when you know you can find nice deals for one of a kind or antique pieces.