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How to get discounts at Allegiant Air

As a regional airline, Allegiant Air, is able to help keep their costs down by only flying routes to specific locations.  While this is not going to work for everyone, it is an excellent way to save some money if you happen to be going to one of these very popular destinations.  Even though their rates are already quite a bit lower than many of the other airlines, it is still possible to get discounts at allegiant air if you know where to look and what types of questions to ask.
Allegiant offers a Low-Price promise to locate the cheapest cost for airline fares + hotel accommodation packages among their competitors.  They offer to credit the difference if a lower rate is found, however, this credit isn't available until you book your next trip with Allegiant Air.  The lower rate for comparison is only from non-Allegiant airline fares + hotel accommodation packages, not standalone airline fares or hotel accommodations.  You have are allowed 7 days from the booking, or about 72 hours prior to the checking in process in which you can attempt to find a reduced rate.
When booking your flight on www.allegiantair.com, the prices displayed are already discounted by $4 per individual, per flight (they assume the use of a debit card), and $6 for each person for the inclusion of a hotel stay.  These prices also include the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), and a $10 per passenger carrier charge for usage, and other imposed government and airport taxes.  Furthermore, if the tickets are made through their call center, an additional $14.99 per passenger fee is applied.  Additional savings can be made by booking travel at any of the Allegiant Air Ticket Offices, where they will waive the $10 per passenger carrier usage charge.
For the best savings on baggage, a single carry-on bag (which can fit in the overhead bin) should be accounted for during the time which you book the trip.  If purchased during check-in at the airport, the same check-baggage fees apply, except a fee of up to $35 for a carry on, rather than $25 - $30.  There are no charges for one item for each person, which needs to fit under the seat located in front of your chair.

Allegiant Airlines offers additional services for a fee.  These include: select a seat options, Trip Flex, flight changes, Priority Boarding, food and beverages, and pet-in-cabin fees.  You can save money by not requesting these services, and avoid making changes to your itinerary.

For other deals, you can explore the Allegiant Air website to see what Air + Hotel Package discounts are being offered.  Many deals offer free hotel night stays.  Their hotel night free offer requires a minimum of three nights stay.
In summary, for the best way to stretch your travel dollar with Allegiant Air, pre-book your flight online with a debit card and include hotel accommodations and a carryon bag (if you plan to travel with one), then finalize your booking at an Allegiant Air Airport Ticket Office to save an additional $10 on your fare.  Also, be sure to compare other airlines + hotel package rates to take advantage of  Allegiant Airlines Low-Price Pledge for your next trip.

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