• By Mary P
  • Travel Tips
  • 11.05.2016

Oh the beaches, oh the wonder. It's Miami. A great place for splashing, sightseeing, enjoying the night scene and more. The shores, the history. It can be said that there is no place like Miami, a place that Native Americans called home. Fair weather and more make this city a mecca for tourist year round.

Things to See

Sightseeing Tours

Mansions and pioneer  homes are both part of the Miami scene. It's been a military town, a paradise and has a Caribbean, West African and southern flavor. A sightseeing tour will enable you to check out the diversity, marvels and history of Miami.

The Everglades

The wonder of this wetland defies words. It's both a habitat for aquatic species and a National Park. A marina, boat, ramps, and camping amenities await. In the area is the Everglades Safari Park, where you can check out the alligator show and the alligator farm – if you dare.

Jewish Museum of Florida

A bistro with a dazzle of skylight connects two restored synagogues. Photos and artifacts of Jewish historical significance are at this venue, along with a chance to take a Jewish food walking tour.  MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida, 1763-Present is a central exhibit.

Things to Do

Beaches (Miami Beach/South Pointe Park)

Art deco lovers will flock to this beach, although the city abounds with substantial beaches. Walking pathways, a panoramic ocean view to take your breath away – all these and more are found at this locale. At 1 Washington Avenue, you may see film crews on location, because they appreciate the beautiful scenery and other rich offerings. You will too.


Live music, dance clubs, Latin spaces and other nightlife domains are in abundance in Miami. Drinks, the vibe, the energy, the flavor – it's all available in the diverse club offerings. Put on your dancing shoes, glitz and glamour and get ready to party down.

Swim With the Dolphins

Watch the dolphins cut through the water. Salty the Sea Lion will perform for you, and you can see superstar Flipper. Cros, manatees, sting rays and more are featured at Miami Seaquarium, 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway. Top tier aquatic entertainment is in high gear at this venue. Go during October (Miami Attractions Month), and have an ultra blast. Be sure to ask about the dolphin interaction program, if you want to get up close and personal with the bottlenose species.


Sanctuaries, glass bottom boats, aquatic life and more are the heart and soul of this city. Don't overlook Miami if you are seeking significant fun. It's the place to be if you are ready for enjoyment in high gear.